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Ghost Pirates

Pirates, reputed to be far from shy guys in the pursuit of profit is easy to handle even the well-armed opponents, taking the ships boarded and carried by them, capturing value. But now the whole production can be yours – enough to run video slot Ghost pirates and show a little courage! Entangled in seaweed mast once beautiful frigates, scurrying between the half-rotten skeletons of marine life, a mysterious blue depths of the sea – it is this pattern appears before a gamer, when loading Ghost Pirates slot. Complete the picture of burning torches, silhouettes that once plied the sea pirates, ghosts and sinister grin sparkling skull crossed by a pair of revolvers.

Ghost Pirates slot machine remotely resembles the story of the famous movie hits, which tells of the adventures of pirates in the Caribbean. Certainly blame creaking ship’s deck, huge octopus tentacles and predatory grin pirates thugs. Sound design emulator “Pirates of the ghosts” also performed superbly, though slot machines of this manufacturer is almost impossible to name failed. Evenly rolled murmur of the sea, the creaking of gear and sounds of gold coins and attracts players take the helm and challenging waves, take Lady Luck boarded.