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Boom Brothers

Strange sounds coming from a running somewhere at the bottom of the mine, the sound of hammers and the roar of iron trolleys, squeaking sliding up and down links of steel chain – that this picture will appear before you as soon as you start the Boom Brothers video slot. Such an apparatus made in dark blue tones and framed outlines gray elements, drawing players high-quality graphics. All of this – a Boom Brothers video slot.

Hurry in search of the magic cave, which are hidden in the crevices of sparkling diamonds and whole layers of precious gold. But how to get there? Take command brothers Boom, White, and Blue Ginger, who did not hesitate to help blow up all obstacles on your way to riches. They appear on the pay lines, and everyone is trying to quickly demonstrate their character: and if the White Brother with a smile stretch your diamond, and Blue shook his fist, then Auburn Boom just pulled a bomb and did not hesitate to blow it. In the video slot Boom Brothers bonus game is realized in two stages and free games multiplied by three. The bonus feature “Second Chance” will give players the opportunity to try to repeat the unfortunate rotation.