Pensioners-gamblers in the EU

Pensioners are getting more active in gambling

Who is up to 65 and over. Pensioners-gamblers in the EU

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGA) has published an analytical report with an interesting dynamic. First of all, it indicates the amount of pensioners-gamblers, who are older than 55, grow year by year among the active users of gambling clubs. The customers “aging” tempo allows to speak with confidence about the significant growth of elder gamblers, particularly in European countries.

The percent of gamblers older than 65 was on the increase from 2.7% and reached 7.4% (almost 3x growth). The corresponding figure has doubled among the 50-65 years old clientele, reaching 16%.

It can be explained by the number of reasons. On one hand, the measures for the prevention of child and youth gambling are quite effective. However, nobody cares about pensioners who can earn for living by themselves. On the other hand, the elder people began to gradually study the Internet. A browser-based game (without the need for installing a separate app) becomes available to them in terms of ease of use. Finally, there is an economic factor. Social benefits and pensions in Europe are above the minimum living standard. It allows them to lose a part of their funds without any problem. CIS countries’ pensioners can afford gambling leisure very rarely, as it can a serious impact on their lifestyle.

The UKGA research is comprehensive and public each year. It will be extremely interesting to see how the figures change in a couple of years – experts predict that pensioners will overcome a 12% line.

Will the younger generation reply?


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