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9 terrible plane crashes that killed football teams’ players

The biggest football tragedies – plane crashes of the 20th century

Plane crash in Superga May 4, 1949

Plane crash near Turin, which resulted in killing the whole football team Torino (18 players). There were 31 persons on board – no one survived. The plane crashed on a mountain slope at Superga, nearby Turin.

Plane crash near Turin

Plane crashes in Munich February 6, 1958

One of the most notorious plane crushes of football teams. There was Manchester United football team on board and also several fans and journalists. There were 44 passengers on board in total, 23 died, including 8 from Manchester United, 19 were injured. Sir Bobby Charlton was among the 7 football players who survived.

Plane crash in Munich


Manchester United tragic

Plane crash in Øresund July 16, 1960

The plane with the second Denmark national football team on board crashed upon landing at the airport in Kastrup Øresund city on the island of Amager (Denmark) near Copenhagen. 8 football players died. These players were preparing for the Olympic football tournament in Rome. Despite the tragedy, the Danish Football Association decided not to refuse to participate in the Olympics.

1960 Danish football air crash

Plane crash in American Cordillera April 3, 1961

The Southern zone command of Chile championship first division – Green Cross (Santiago) was crashed full team in Las Lastimas mountain group of American Cordillera, returning from Osorio (Chile). 24 people died in total.

Green Cross (Santiago) was crashed full team 1961

Plane crash in the Andes, September 26, 1969

The most popular Bolivian football team, The Strongest, had a plane crash in the Andes on return to their native city of La Paz.19 people died in total, including players and club staff.

The Strongest, had a plane crash in the Andes 1969

Plane crashes over Dneprodzerzhinsk August 11, 1979

17 players and coaches of Tashkent Pakhtakor club (USSR) died in a plane crash when the Tu-134, the team was flying to Minsk for the next USSR championship match with Dynamo Minsk, collided with another Tu-134 at 8400 meters height.

Tashkent Pakhtakor club died in a plane crash

Plane crash in Paramaribo June 7, 1989

The plane flying from Amsterdam crashed whilst landing in Paramaribo airport, Surinama capital. 23 Dutch footballers of Surinamese origin were among the dead. Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkaard who are the native Surinamese were not among the passengers by coincidence.

Plane crash in Paramaribo June 7, 1989

Plane crash off the Gabon coast April 27, 1993

18 football players of Zambia national team died in a plane crash. The plane, where the team was flying to the World Cup qualifier with Senegal national team crashed into the sea off the Gabon coast.

Zambia national team died in a plane crash

Plane crash in Medellin November 29, 2016

The plane with the Brazilian club Shapecoense players crashed near the airport of Medellin city in Colombia. There were 81 persons on board in total, including 22 football players among them. Only 5 people survived, including 3 Shapecoense players.

shapekoense players crashed

Shapekoense crashed

Brazilian club Shapekoense players crashed






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