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The first season El Clasico on 03.12.2016, Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Bets turnover for Barcelona vs Real match was €25 million

Barcelona host Real Madrid on its own native stadium Camp Nou. According to analysts data, the bets turnover for the match Barcelona vs Real reached 25 million ($ 26.5 million), received only by Spanish online bookmakers.

According to Expansion edition, as referred to Spanish online gaming Association (Jdigital) data, bets turnover for El Clasico grew by 25% in comparison to the 2015/2016 season. We are talking about the game, which took place on April 2, 2016. Real won that match with 2:1 score).

The 20% of the bets total amount was made before the game started. The rest 80% – directly through live betting.

Real and Barcelona generated almost 50% of all La Liga matches bets during the season. The economic effect of the eternal rival’s opposition is extremely important. It becomes even more profitable in gambling online sector, “- Jdigital president Sasha Michaud announced.

On the eve of the match, Spanish online bookmakers have spent on advertising three times more than usually during a week.

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