Betfair: total amount of bets – £44 million on the USA president election

Betfair expects £ 100 million on the election day

The total amount of bets on the next President of the United States at  Betfair has reached  £ 44 million (more than $ 57 million). The company expects it  will take the hurdle of £ 100 million (more than $ 130 million) on the election day.

The Betfair customers have betted for the next leader  £ 2 million (more than $ 2.5 million). It occurred in the run up to the first television debate of candidates for the US presidency, SBC News says.

The amount of bets for the next president of the United States has taken the hurdle of £ 44 million (more than $ 57 million). A few days ago, this figure was £ 38.5 million ($ 51 million). It was almost 10 times more than the amount that was traded on the same market over the eight weeks before the US presidential election in 2012.

According to the Betfair press-secretary Naomi Totten, the current amount of bets on the next President of the United States was incredible. It means the US current elections has become the second biggest political event on the betting exchange. “The volume of bets can easily reach more than £ 100 million by the election day. The players usually enhance activity in the last weeks of the race”, she said.

Now  the Betfair’s permabulls have estimated the chances of Hillary Clinton. She has odds around 1.67 (or 60%). The probability of Donald Trump’s victory dropped down a little from 3.0 to 2.66. It indicates the probability of more than 38%.

The absolute leader of Betfair

The absolute leader in terms of betting at Betfair has become a referendum on Britain’s membership in the EU. The volume of bets in the market has exceeded £ 113 million ($ 156.9 million).

The volume of bets market on the outcome of the US presidential election in 2012 was £ 40 million .

Paddy Power was noted to take bets on what will happen during the Clinton and Trump debates.

US presidential election will be held in November 8, 2016.


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