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Guardiola shared thoughts about the match with Benfica

Pep: Benfica is very good now, though Bayern – the favorite

The head coach of Bayern Munich Josep Guardiola has shared thoughts on the eve of a match with Benfica. “I train Bavaria, and we always want to be the best. However I really don’t consider us as favorites. Benfica plays very well now. I have to note that I am very impressed with it. Benfica has very good results. They precisely know what to do in the field and how to read a game. Mitroglou and Jonas are very strong and act perfectly in the penalty area.

But we are Bayern Munich, we  are always considered the favorite

I treat Benfica with great respect and the Portuguese soccer in general. It is necessary to remember, what happened to us in Porto last year.
I understand, Munich will be satisfied with the only outcome of the game. And moreover if we don’t meet those requirements, the rest of Pep’s team progress will seem quite insufficient. We have to do our best.

I need happy Ribery. I often saw Frank laughing last two weeks. We lacked it in the current season and in the past. It is great that this playmaker has returned to the best state”, – the Catalan said.

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