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Atletico Madrid approached the match with the guaranteed first place in the group

Bayern Munich beat Atletico Madrid in a tough clash

Atletico Madrid could afford to spend a difficult match in Munich more like a show. This time usually uncompromising Diego Simeone’s squad really looked as soft as butter and really did not manage to oppose the rival. On the contrary, it was important for Bayern to overcome the serious opposition with their fans after a number of unsuccessful results. They had to become more confident in their power.

Bayern seized the positional advantage and began to dominate on the pitch from the starting minutes of the match. Another thing is that the Ancelotti’s team did not create moments, while the Madrilenians were more focused on the counterattacks.

Manuel Neuer rescued his team after the Carrasco’s dangerous attacks from a penalty area in two episodes.

Yannick also destined to become an anti-hero at his gates after the missed moments. The Belgian broke the rules in the center of a penalty area. So that Robert Lewandowski perfectly put the ball into the net from the standard.

In the second half, Bayern could afford to play the score, confidently controlling the game. While Atletico Madrid completely ceased to attack. Three substitutions by Diego Simeone did not help. They dissolved on the football field and almost did not show themselves near the rival’s goal. In return, the Ancelotti’s squad had enough possibilities for the second goal. Douglas Costa shot dangerously into the goalkeeper from the penalty area after the corner. Lewandowski also played a header above the crossbar after the Robben’s pass from the right wing.

1:0 is psychologically important win for Bayern that should rise the team’s fighting spirit.

At the same time, Atletico Madrid is unlikely to be upset much with the defeat as the match had more show and training character.

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