Barcelona vs Juventus Champions League and Magnificent Messi

Barcelona vs Juventus 3:0. The Exhausted Old Lady and magnificent Messi

Barcelona vs Juventus Champions League and Magnificent Messi

There was no tough struggle in the first day of UEFA Champions League central match, Barcelona vs Juventus.

Barcelona vs Juventus Champions League and Magnificent Messi

Juventus had terrible team’s problems, so Chiellini, Marchisio, Khedira, Mandžukić, Cuadrado and the newcomer Höwedes missed the game on Camp Nou for various reasons.

To make the whole story even worse, they also lost De Sciglio during the match. The Mattia’s substitute for Sturaro can be called one of the game’s main episodes if not the key one.

If the Turineses managed to hold down the Catalans before it, a previous coherence and reliability in the defense was not observed after. Moreover, Sturaro was to blame for two scored goals. Anyway, everything started in a good way for the Old Lady. The Allegri’s team counterattacked dangerously while the Catalans were slowly looking for gaps in the opponent’s defense.

Barcelona vs Juventus Champions League and shocked Dybala

So, Dybala faced the goalkeeper, but the defender caught him already in Barcelona penalty area and prevented to score. Higuaín shot from a favorable position later. It was a nice shot, but not enough to create problems for ter Stegen. And there was De Sciglio’s dangerous long-ranger at the very beginning of the match, hardly parried by the goalkeeper. The Catalans made Buffon “bring back the good old days” for the first time only at the 20th minute. Messi carefully prepared for the direct free kick, but still hit the wall. The ball jumped to Suárez, and he clattered the bar. Gianluigi deflected the ball out for a corner.

This moment was the only one Barcelona created up to the first half final minutes.

Magnificent Messi is back

Then Messi came to the front of the stage. It seems this season the Argentine will have a new role in the team. Lionel didn’t play side attack, but in the middle of the field, on the attacking position. He was in possession of the ball constantly and tried to break through to Juventus goal alone.

Barcelona vs Juventus Champions League Camp Nou

Footballer’s efforts were paid off.  Messi freed himself from Pjanić and exchanged passes with Suárez. Then he appeared with the ball in the guests’ penalty area for the first time and shot to the goal’s far corner without a chance for Buffon.

This was the first Lionel’s goal in his career to the legendary Italian goalkeeper! Dybala had a good moment at the second half. Paulo had to level the score, but shot wide out of the penalty area.  

And his more famous and titled compatriot seized the chance.

Messi decided to end the episode alone again. The forward shot from 20 meters this time. The ball first hit the bar, and then ricocheted behind the Buffon’s back. Fortunately for the latter, the ball was deflected for a corner. However, the Turineses were forced to start the game from the center only two minutes later. Messi ran on the right wing and passed to Suárez. Sturaro poached, but the Italian kicked the ball clear right to Rakitić. Ivan did not forgive a mistake to the opponent. In fact, at 2:0 score the question about the game’s winner was closed. Actually Barcelona didn’t really try to score the third goal, but uncontrollable Messi still made a double. And again he did everything himself.

Knock down from Messi

The Argentinian left several Juventus players behind and got over Buffon by shooting to the opposite corner. The Turineses bothered to check out ter Stegen, bored for lack of an occupation, only after that. The goalkeeper calmly coped with Bernardeschi simple kick. But Marc-André left the net in another episode and was fortunately spotted for by Piqué. The Shakira’s husband knocked the ball out of the empty goal after Benatia’s shot, who met a corner cross. 3:0 victory confirmed Barcelona in the status of the group’s main favorite. And Lionel Messi demonstrated once again he was in great shape.

Barcelona vs Juventus: good lesson for the Turineses

As for Juventus, the Turineses should not wear sackcloth and ashes. Traumatized players will recover, and there is no doubt the Old Lady will gain momentum in the tournament’s course. The rivals’ level in the group allows them not to worry about the primary goal. It is the way out to the playoffs. And then we’ll see who will be in May and where.

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