Arsene Wenger: “There is no “Big 4” any more in England

The head coach of Arsenal Arsene Wenger has expressed his opinion that in England has lost its “Big 4” and each club can spend significant budgets for transfers.

“Let’s return to the beginning of the season. Everybody expected Chelsea to be the champion, and the second place will preliminary booked for  Manchester City. Every expert would forecast for Leicester the fight for survival. But the matter is that something similar to the Ranieri’s phenomenon might happen again.

There is no “Big 4” any more because all Premier League clubs have already money: West Ham, Tottenham etc. Everyone is capable to surprise England.

Also we should not forget that Leicester is not so poor club. And still they have achieved  a great success with smaller resources, having become the best club of Europe by the index “price quality”. They really deserve respect for it ” — Wenger declared.

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