Antonio Conte elaborated 2 tactical schemes for Chelsea. More on 4Gamblers

Antonio Conte about his new philopsophy in Chelsea

Antonio Conte elaborated 2 tactical schemes for Chelsea

The head coach Chelsea Antonio Conte told about a new  game philosophy of the team.
“I share experience as the former football player. I think, it is important because each coach has to  make the players better in different aspects, as technically and tactically, so in everything else as well. Basically you are to start start with the game itself and finishing with refreshing  after matches and ability to avoid injuries.

I am not too relaxed. When you begin a new season, it is awesome, but It is my first time  to coach a new team in other championship and country.

Now we supply new ideas and philosophy, I try to explain the principles. I know they are the same football players, as last season, but they have won a title two years ago.
It is important to be self-confident. We work on playing an active football so we could fight soon for Chelsea to appear where it is supposed to be.
I played with four and three defenders in the past. However, it is important to understand what suits specifically his team.
The coach should be familiar well with the players skills.

We have elaborated two tactical schemes now, but everything can change. I hope to quickly find what we really need”, – Conte noted.

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