Anderlecht found a new Messi

Anderlecht is known to all Europe for the ability to find talents and grow up from them a great players like a Messi.

If you think Belgium were irritatingly talented now, then don’t bother watching football in 2025.  Rayane Bounida is the next wunderkind of the Lowland conveyor belt like Messi at his time. Romelu Lukaku, Vincent Kompany, Youri Tielemans … It is not the complete list of those who became a European star, after graduating from the Belgian academy.

However,  Anderlecht seems have found a really special player this time. He can become one of the best players in the world in a decade or so.

10-year-old Rayane Bounida draws public attention with the unbelievable football abilities already now.

rayane bounida is a new messi rayane bounida is a new messi rayane bounida is a new messi

He adroitly copes with a ball on numerous videos, with just a little effort outmaneuvered several opponents at the same time. He bears a very strong resemblance to young Lionel Messi by similar tactics as it was also almost impossible to take away a ball from him.

It doesn’t stop him wondering, though…

What if I scored in that trial?

What if I cut short on the happy meals?

What if I had shot and not passed?

What if I wasn’t ill?

What if…

VIDEO: This nine-year-old Belgian is already better than you

Bounida has become famous at 8 for the first time. Then videos with his participation impressed a great number of Internet users.

It seems that Rayane has considerably developed for the last two years and started to show even more confident and spectacular game.

And he’s bloody good.  The nine year old plays for Anderlecht, which soon means he’ll be playing alongside Martin Odergaard at Real Madrid Castilla. Until then, enjoy this video of Bounida scoring worldies…  Although he wouldn’t have got away with the second goal in England…



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