Lottery jackpot

Two brothers win jackpot in Florida Lottery.

2 elderly men win $291 and $7 in the same Florida Lottery

Two brothers win jackpot in Florida Lottery

James and Bob Stocklas from Pensylvania bought 2 lottery tickets of Florida Lottery Powerball enjoying their monthly holiday in Florida that turned out to be extremely successful. James won the biggest jackpot – $291 million, his brother – $7 million. CNN informs, 2 elderly brothers, James and Bob Stocklas decided to spend their monthly holiday in Florida fishing. One day they bought lottery tickets of the famous lottery agency, Powerball on their way back home.

Two brothers win jackpot in Florida Lottery.
They found out about the results at home

James having breakfast in his favorite cafe started to check the combination of digits in his smartphone and realized that he won a great jackpot. He was so excited by the news that ordered breakfast of all cafe’s visitors present at that moment. And announced about his coming back to Florida for his winning. Is he going along with his brother – it is not clear for now.
According to the rules of the lottery the jackpot is being granted by even 30 parts once in a year or the winner can receive the 60% of the total at once.

The Pennsylvanian judge chose the latter option and awaits for about $191 million within the period of 180 days

Two brothers win jackpot in Florida Lottery.
The lucky judge shared his ideas about spending of all his winning: he is going to divide all money between his friends Barry Bartakovits, the owner of the swimming pool in Hellertown and another woman that decided to stay unknown. Each of them will receive about 40 million after all taxes.
The local judge claimed that he doesn’t have plans for retiring and will keep on working. He plans to spend the jackpot for several dedicated funds and charity. Moreover, he plans to help his family to solve some financial issues.


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